Интернет магазин мобильного 4G/3G-CDMA интернета в Украине
Обзор нового 3G/4G CDMA/GSM/LTE MiFi роутера Novatel 4620

Обзор нового 3G/4G CDMA/GSM/LTE MiFi роутера Novatel 4620

The novelty from the American brand Novatel Wireless has pleased many with its high functionality, technical capabilities, good transmitting and transmitting and high-speed characteristics in all operating modes.

3G CDMA WiFi router Novatel 4620 has a color LED display, an output for an external CDMA antenna and supports the function of programming data for the number of CDMA PEOPLEnet and Intertelecom subscribers and also has a slot for U-SIM cards (Universal sim card) to support all types of 3G / 4G cards any communication standards CDMA / GSM / LTE.

The main feature of the Novatel 4620 3G router is the ability to switch between several operators (for example, CDMA / GSM) through the MiFi 4620 internal menu, and for this you no longer need to go to the admin panel, as you did before, for example, with the ZTE AC30 3G WiFi router and others ..

Equally important for Novatel 4620 is the battery configuration. In Ukraine, they were conventionally designated by two modifications: Novatel 4620L and Novatel 4620LE.

The first modification (L) is equipped with a standard 1500 mA battery and the second (LE) is equipped with a reinforced 3000 mA battery.

The autonomous work of Novatel 4620LE can be all day, subject to good coverage and average loads, and with short interruptions, the 3000 mA battery can even be enough for a day!


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