Интернет магазин мобильного 4G/3G-CDMA интернета в Украине


Only until the end of the year without a contract promotional starter packages LIFECELL Business: full Unlimited 199 UAH per month!

Basic tariffs:
300 GB 299 UAH. per month,
100 GB 249 UAH per month,
70 GB 199 UAH per month,
60 GB 149 UAH. per month,
30 GB 99 UAH. per month,
20 GB 70 UAH. per month,
10 GB 50 UAH. per month.

The subscription fee is charged for a full calendar month and not 28 days, as with other Lifecell tariffs and most other mobile operators.
Tariffs are not regional and are valid throughout the territory of Ukraine, a passport and passport data are not required for registration.
If necessary, you can not replenish the number for 12 months , the subscription fee will not be charged!


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